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About us

Our Philosophy

What we call ‘the world’, is not given as self-evident from the outset.

It is apprehended…, in an ongoing crisis of spatial consciousness.

– Ernst Cassirer

Cartography serves a need to situate both ‘detail’ and ‘meaning’. 

With capacities for impact + repetition, a map can bring both ‘insight’ and ‘deception’. Yet, any line of deception is duly eclipsed by layers of verification, and hours of comparison. Maps hold attention.., inviting us to de-construct and re-present a collective idea of place.

  • Our  initial innovation is Assemblage:
    • The identification and display of vital elements.
  • The urgent innovation is Access:
    • A ready digital circulation without barriers.
  • The ultimate innovation is Aspect:
    • The new horizons formed by absorbing unlimited spatial experiences.

In 2014, the Nobel Prize affirmed the effect of specific brain cells within the temporal lobe that map a string of spatial experiences, forming the basis of our very existence. 

Indeed, to map…is to be.., connecting the ‘self’, and realizing the ‘other’.


Gerald J. Rizzo M.D.

President and Executive Director

Advisory Board

Kit S. Kapp [1926-2013]

Emeritus Developer and Advisor

Robert A. Bellinger, PH.D.

Reference Historian

Thomas J. Bassett, Ph.D.

Professor of Geography, University of Illinois

Timothy C. Weiskel

MLS, Dipl. Soc. Anthrop; DPhil, History (Oxon)

Lucia Lovison-Golob, Ph.D.

Geo-spatial Analyst

Eric N. Rizzo B.A., M.S,